Be a Boomer!

“Hi, I’m Amy Kraft, the founder of BoomerPlus® Yoga, and I’m passionate in my teaching, whether to athletes or seniors, adults or children. I constantly search for the best techniques to help my clients refresh and restore their bodies to wellness. With over forty years of education, training, observation, experience and practice, I thrive on excellence. My focus is on priming the body for optimal function with good postural alignment and use of ergonomics, leading to more energy, better focus and enhanced stress reduction.

It takes planning and effort to stay healthy as you age. Life does not have to mean pain and sickness. This is why we share the power of yoga for health and healing.

We extend our sharing with the unique BoomerPlus® methodology Amy teaches in her programs and workshops. You can live a healthy, active life as you age. You can also be a more effective teacher, better equipped to serve your clients with specialized training from BoomerPlus®.

“If you believe there is more you can do to live better and feel better… or more you can do to help your clients, then BoomerPlus® is for you.”

“Amy is a great instructor. This program does not apply only to Boomers—it provides useful information for all people of varying levels of flexibility and physical strength. I have already incorporated some of the principles in my daily life and I am safely sharing some simple techniques that may help alleviate some health issues caused by foundation and other basic habits.”

Kaoru S.

Student, workshop participant and teacher

About BoomerPlus

Amy Kraft

Founder and CEO

Our founder, Amy Kraft, has over forty years of fitness experience including 5000+ hours of anatomy and biomechanics training. She is a pioneer in the field of integrative yoga and rehabilitation and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She is E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance®, their highest teacher designation.

Amy integrates therapeutic yoga and rehabilitation, postural alignment, ergonomics, nutrition, emotional balance modalities into medicine- working with health and wellness specialists on targeted therapies for specific patient needs. She teaches in Scottsdale, AZ and various wellness arenas worldwide. She designs custom fitness & wellness programs to fit specific requirements with maximum results.


BoomerPlus is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Amy Kraft teaches her methodology in workshops, seminars, classes and individual sessions throughout the U.S. and worldwide via Skype. Call Amy Kraft at 406-546-5922 or email to: to schedule in event in your area.


Scottsdale, AZ 85255